Nothing Happens (Twice)

Slapstick humour meets Beckett head on in a quest for life’s meaning. Directed by Ursula Martinez


Slapstick humour meets Beckett head on in a quest for life’s meaning. Directed by Ursula Martinez

After an exciting few years making and touring shows all over the world, Mercè and Patricia have somehow lost momentum and hit rock bottom. They always knew that making theatre would be difficult, but when they have to dress up as flamingos in a shopping centre to make ends meet, they seriously consider giving up.

Can their shared dream of staging Waiting for Godot get them back on track or will their long held ambition be strangled by red tape? A hilarious and sometimes moving exploration of companionship, co-dependency and what motivates us to keep going, even in the face of failure and bureaucratic brick walls.


 In June 2019, we presented work in progress as part of Ovalhouse’s FirstBites season, to regional programmers Salisbury Arts Centre and to the Audience Club at Proteus Creation Space in Basingstoke.

After a COVID induced hiatus, we are very pleased to be able to present and tour our new show, Nothing Happens (Twice) in 2022.

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“I’m really proud of this show, of how different it is from anything I’ve ever directed or co-created, and how ‘uncategorisable’ it is. Also, it’s very funny.

One of the main differences is that, despite its irreverence, the piece celebrates the work of a ‘great, white, male, literary genius’. Normally this would be a right turn-off, but sometimes you just have to go against your own grain, and surprise yourself!”

Ursula Martinez


“Full of mind-twisting absurdity and hilarious fragility”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ North West End 

“You’ll be crying with laughter”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Stage

“Equal parts side-splitting comedy and soul-baring honesty”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Salterton Arts Review

“The funniest show I’ve seen in years” Newbury Today

“Absurdly entertaining & tragically hilarious” Daily Info, Oxford

production Credits 

Performers: Mercè Ribot and Patricia Rodríguez

Director: Ursula Martínez

Dramaturg: Adam Brace

Designer: Verity Quinn

Composer: John Biddle

Lighting: Simon Bond

Videographer: Mark Morreau

Movement: Stephen Harper

Producer: Sarah-Jane Watkinson


 r&D Credits

Designer: Charlotte Espiner

Lighting: Pablo Baz

With additional support from: Michael Crean, Dan Lees & Okorie Chukwu

Supported by

thanks to 

 Ovalhouse, Wiltshire Creative  and Proteus Creation Space for their support on the development of this show.

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Promotional ‘work in progress’ photos by Pau Ros