Who We Are

Who We Are

Renowned for being one of the leading devising & physical comedy theatre companies in the UK, Little Soldier’s work ranges from laugh out loud comedy to heartfelt autobiography.

Little Soldier is Patrícia Rodríguez and Mercè Ribot, together we conceive and create all our work. But Little Soldier, it is also a lot of incredibly talented artists who join us to make theatre, and are essential to our collaborative process.

 Our award-winning and critically acclaimed productions have been supported by Arts Council England, Ovalhouse, HOME, Jacksons Lane, and Battersea Arts Centre amongst other venues and organisations. Our shows have toured extensively throughout the UK and across the world. Internationally we have performed in New York, Mexico City, Chicago, Warsaw and across Spain. We have been awarded The Stage Award for Acting Excellence (Don Quixote) and the Argus Angel Award (You and Me).

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“We met in 2010 and we’ve been making theatre together ever since. People tell us we make a brilliantly funny performing duo. Sometimes we love to be funny, but other times, not so much, and that’s ok. We’re aware that it’s difficult to define our work because it’s never the same, in form and style. We like to allow ourselves, those we work with, and everyone that comes to see us to be surprised. We want every show we make to be a special event and for people to leave feeling hopeful about the world we live in. This doesn’t mean we ever shy away from complexity of who we are or our environment, it means we look for the tragicomedy of life to tell our stories.”

Patricia and Mercè