August 9, 2019


Rough Cut (in development)

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By Little Soldier Productions

Directed by Ursula Martinez 

Rough Cut, is a two hander by performance duo Patricia and Mercè, exploring the universal topic of ambition versus failure and the quest for happiness. Let by Oliver award-winner artist, Ursula Martinez, this is their most personal work to date.

In July 2019, the company finished and shared their first stage of development, a very open and honest process to investigate their motives as creators. Why do we continue to put ourselves out on stage and why do we draw on our own lives as material? A show revealing their desire for recognition and status within our industry, and the reasons why they wanted to use Beckett’s Waiting for Godot to achieve this in the first place.

Rough Cut was part of Ovalhouse First Bites and was shown at Wiltshire Crative and Proteus Creation Space . In early spring 2020 Ursula Martinez will rejoin Patricia and Merce to continue the second stage of R&D, with a view to go into production that Autumn.

“I really enjoyed Rough Cut and its dual narrative- the reject of the orthodoxy while searching for recognition and achievement, and the echoes of Godot.” 

Owen Calvert-Lyons  (Head of Theatre and Artists’ Development at Ovalhouse) 


Performers: Mercè Ribot and Patricia Rodriguez
Director: Ursula Martinez
Designer: Charlotte Espiner
Lighting: Pablo Baz
Singing coach: Michael Crean
Image: Pau Ros
Producer (maternity cover): Sarah-Jane Watkinson

With thanks to Michael Crean (singing coach), Okorie Chukwu (fighting coach),  Bryony Shanahan and Chris Morton.

Recommended age 14+

Supported by Ovalhouse, Wiltshire Creative, Proteus Creation Space and Arts Council England.